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    Confronting Biorepression with Creative Alternatives

Saturday, May 15, 2004 9:15 am to 5:30 pm   

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$15 ($10 low income)
Advance Registration

$20 at the door /$10 half day
Lunch is not included. Advance registration must be postmarked by May 8. Make checks to 'GGA'; send Registration Form with check to: Gateway Green Alliance, PO Box 8094, St. Louis MO 63156


Nerinx Hall High School
530 East Lockwood
Webster Groves, Missouri 63119

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PARKING: Use West driveway to South parking lot behind the building. Only South Entrance will be open on Saturday.
Welcome to the Biodevastation series

The rapidly growing Biotech Tyrant is a direct descendant of the corporations of the military/chemical industry, which last century tried to solve problems by spreading around the planet such poisons as Dioxin, PCB's, and Agent Orange. In the past decade, it has spawned a new face. Now nicknamed "Life Sciences," it brandishes a lab full of elixirs called Biotechnology.

Now this Tyrant is hungry for FOOD. Using genetic modification to 'brand' life itself, it can claim ownership to what once belonged to all. As with all corporate tyrants, it will not be satisfied with anything less than domination of the global food supply.

At Biodevastation gatherings, we attempt to understand the nature of the Tyrant: the powerful rewards its seeks, the logic/illogic of its arguments, the methods it divises for domination, and the wardrobe of 'beneficial' and 'benevolent' masks it dons for public charade.

The Tyrant wants the World to believe that its vision is remarkable, necessary... inevitable. Indeed, it claims to save the world!

But when we peer behind the Tyrant's mask, we see a very different face. Looking back, we find a trail of death and misery in its wake. Looking ahead, we shudder to comprehend the bounty it seeks to devour. The Tyrant's plan is not benevolent and will not 'save the world' fact, it has enormous power to destroy.

THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! The destruction is not inevitable. That overused yet underpracticed word 'sustainable' really exists both in nature and in human practices. Our quest is to remember old ways and to discover and celebrate new ways that allow us to be lively—naturally— on our bountiful planet without destroying it.

You are a stakeholder in this quest!

Come to Biodevastation 8
and help us pound away at
confronting and subduing
the Biotech Tyrant.

Learn about alternatives
already in practice
for ALL to share.

Sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance

SCHEDULE • Saturday May 15 (Printable Schedule with Workshop Descriptions)

9:15 am
9:45 am
10:00 - 11:00 am
11:15 - 12:45 pm

  12:45 - 2:15 pm

2:15 - 2:45 pm
2:45 - 4:15 pm
4:30 - 5:30 pm
Welcome to bagels, coffee, tea, juice by Black Bear Bakery
Puppet Show by digger
Keynote by Dr. Marti Crouch
Session 1 Workshops


Africa Voice drummers (possible Schmeiser call)
Session 2 Workshops
Wrap-up plenary...what did we learn, what needs to be done?

We encourage you to continue after Biodev with the following evening events...
       6:30 pm
CAMP Fundraising Dinner & Building Tour (click for more info)
     Help support continued rehab of the CAMP Building at 3022 Cherokee in St. Louis. Seating is limited. $10-12 suggested donation. Includes special video screening of We Were Painting Butterflies (22 min), a work in progress by Jackson Styron about last year's police raids.
     CAMP (Community Arts and Media Project) is a community resource center and home to a number of projects such as the Independent Media Center, SWEAT bike workshop, The Confluence, SouthSide Univ. etc.  

Special discount tickets will be available for this evening concert...
   8:00 pm
Sara Thomsen In Concert!
Tegeler Hall, Carlo Auditorium, St. Louis University Campus (Lindell, east of Grand)
Sponsored by Instead of War. For more information contact Anna at 314-664-8551
or e-mail
Session 1 and 2 breakout list.                 
Terms: GE (Genetic Engineering) • GM (Genetic Modification) • GM0 (Genetically Modified Organism) • WAF (World Agricultural Forum)
Dr. Marti Crouch
Dr. David Kennell
Sister Gabrial Hoare
Suzanne Renard
Angie Spencer & Mary Chipman
Daniel 'digger' Romano
Fred Raines & Terri Zeman
Zaki Baruti & Don Fitz
Sarah Bantz
Eric Hempel
Andy Hilgartner
Chris McClarren
Beyond Terminator Technology
Genetic Modification & Engineered Humans
Ethical Issues of Bioengineered Food
ABCs of Biotechnology for Students from 10 to 80
Are Your Food Choices Helping or Harming the Earth?
Patents & International Property Rights:
Commodification of Life
Saving the Plains, Saving the Planet: Hemp Based Industry for US
GMOs and Western Domination of the Third World
Exposing & Explaining the WAF
(World Agricultural Forum)
Food for People AND Profit?
What Biologists Don't Know

A Truth Mandala on Biotech Tyranny: an Experiential Workshop
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Biodev on the RADIO

WGNU AM 920 Power Hour 'Let's Get Busy' with Zaki Baruti, Saturdays 9:30pm •
April 10 (Kriss Avery) - Unmasking the Biotech Tyrant
April 24 (Suzanne Renard) - ABCs of GMOs
May 1 (Daniel Romano) - Corporate Welfare for Biotech Companies
                                                       (including Biotech tax breaks compared to school cuts)
May 8 (Don Fitz) - The GMO Threat to Africa

KDHX FM 88.1 Earthworms with Jean Ponzi, Tuesdays 7 pm •

May 11, 7 to 7:30 pm - interview with Dr. Marti Crouch
     Dr. Martha Crouch, a pioneer of biotechnology who now is one of its greatest critics, will discuss Terminator Technology with Jean Ponzi onthe Earthworms radio show on Tuesday, May 11th, 2004 at 7:00 PM.
      Dr. Crouch is the keynote speaker at the upcoming Midwest Biodevastation 8 Conference on May 15th. She earned a Ph.D. from Yale in developmental biology and worked as a researcher until she realized that genetic modification had no place in a system of sustainable agriculture.

Links & Tutorials



Reclaim the Commons
- a Biodevastation Event in San Francisco, June 3-9

Online Tutorial on Genetic Engineering - presented by the Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)  -   Click on "Start the Presentation"

Monsanto vs. Schmeiser - A Canadian farmer's fantastic but true David and Goliath story that is now before the Canadian Supreme Court

The True Food Shopping Guide provides a handy list of GMO and non-GMO foods and information on labeling.

GM Watch features the Biotech Brigade, a global directory on the massive and deceptive PR push behind genetically modified (GM) food, including profiles of corporate-friendly scientists, PR companies, front groups, lobbyists and political networks

GEAN •Genetic Engineering Action Network is a website devoted to exploring issues of biotechnology.

Regulating GE for Profit (pdf) - by Lucy Sharratt, Polaris Institute

Questioning Genetic Engineering an overview of the impacts & history of biotechnology (PDF) - published by The Institute for Social Ecology

Center for Food Safety dedicated to curtailing industrial agricultural production methods that harm human health and the environment, and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Want to read on? Here's are more links to excellent organizations and publications provided by
CropChoice Polaris Institute Organic Consumers Assoc Consumers Union

and for your summer reading...our colorful 2-page Bibliography (pdf).

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