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Gateway Green Alliance Universal African Peoples Organization

Black & Green Wednesday Forum: August 4, 2004

a Religious and Political Force

WHEN: 7 pm, Wednesday, August 4, 2004

WHERE: Genesis House, 6018 Delmar, just east of Skinker

Islam means "Peace by way of surrender to the will of Allah--the creator." The God and religion of Muhammad were he same as that of Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Jesus. Muslims believe that Islam is the completion of God's revelation to humanity (the completion of religion), that the Qur'an is the final revelation from God to the human race, and that Muhammad is the last of His Prophets.

Western thought separates religion from other subjects such as politics, economics, science. For Muslims, these subjects are inseparable. Islam is a way of life. It is comprehensive, universal and all-encompassing and thus not confined to a single race, nation or region. The largest number of Muslims reside in the Far East, the former Soviet states of central Asia and east Africa.

As the New World Order attempts to consolidate power in the 21st century, it identifies Islam as a major obstacle. William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898), one of Britain's prime ministers, angrily shouted in parliament during the early days of colonial penetration into Islamic societies: "As long as this Qur'an is among them, nothing can be accomplished."

The New World Order condemns Islamic civilization and culture: the dress of Islamic women, Islam, the Qur'an and the Sunnah (example) of the Prophet Muhammed. Conversely, Muslims are offended by secular western culture and arrogant western thought and behavior. Join us for a panel discussion about this clash of cultures, morals and ideas.

The panel will include:

Jason Murphy, Green Party of St. Louis, Philosophy Instructor, St. Louis University

Tim Kaminski, International Muslim Movement

Uthayla Abdullah, Washington University student from the Sudan

Minister Donald Muhammad, Nation of Islam, Mosque 28

Sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance and Universal African People's Organization. For more information, call 314-752-8472 or visit the Greens'web site:


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