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Gateway Green Alliance
Universal African Peoples Organization

Black & Green Wednesday Forum

The Green Alternative
in the 2004 Elections

WHEN:    7 pm, Wednesday, October 6, 2004

WHERE:  Genesis House, 6018 Delmar, just east of Skinker

St. Louis has severe problems, such as institutional racism, epidemic lead poisoning, polluted air, attempted destruction of public schools, closing of public hospitals, inadequate public transportation, and squandering of public money on sports stadiums.

Come discuss these problems confronting the St. Louis area and hear what Green Party candidates have to offer. Forum panelists will include:

Willie Marshal
l, Green Party Candidate for City of St. Louis Public Administrator

David Henry
, Green Party Candidate for State Representative, District 91


Lydia Lewis
, Green Party Candidate for State Senator, District 15

Peter Downs
, editor and publisher of St. Louis Schools Watch, an alternative newsletter about St. Louis schools


Willie Marshall: A Champion for the Forgotten

The Green Party of St. Louis/Gateway Green Alliance announces Willie Marshall's candidacy for the office Public Administrator for the City of St. Louis in the November 2004 election.

Campaign Brochure  VIEW (98k PDF)   PRINT (1.6Mb PDF)

The Public Administrator (PA) is in charge of caring for the financial needs and the general welfare of those who are unable to care for themselves such as the mentally ill, the incarcerated and the homeless.

In addition to individuals who are currently served through the PA office, there are others who are desperately in need of services--groups such as the incarcerated, homeless, victims of racism and discrimination, undocumented workers and the unemployed and underemployed St. Louis citizens who have dropped out of the job market. These often forgotten citizens are in need of a strong advocate. Mr. Marshall's vision is to make sure that this occurs. He would like to expand the number of people served through the Public Administrator's office by implementing an ombudsman-type program.

Many people within these groups face a variety of social as well as personal problems that make it impossible for them to break the cycle by themselves. There are many St. Louis citizens who do not have family ties upon which they can rely for assistance and support. The Public Administrator's job should be to make sure the people do not slip through the cracks because of a lack of money or understanding of the legal system.

Currently, the PA's main duties involve resolving wills and other probate issues, such as taking charge of the assets of City residents who die without family or wills and acting as guardian for the mentally ill or developmentally disabled. If elected, Mr. Marshall would seek to expand these duties to include:

Acting as their ombudsman and mentor,

Assisting or intervene when other institutions fail to perform,

Assessing needs and make sure they are adequately addressed,

Watching over their safety and welfare,

Publicizing cases of deliberate institutional indifference,

Speaking on their behalf in advocating political changes,

Working on their behalf with other organizations and institutions,

Acting as legal guardian, when necessary.

Mr. Marshall can be reached at: 314-385-6906 if you would like to volunteer or just express your support. For more information, visit the Greens' web site:


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