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Gateway Green Alliance

  One of the best vegetarian dinners in St. Louis!
A smorgasbord of gourmet pesto, including vegan, plus tomato sauce for non-pesto eaters.

    14th Annual Great Green
 Pesto Feast

   5 to 10 pm, Saturday,    September 18, 2004
    Eden Theological Seminary,
    Commons Bldg Dining Hall
    475 East Lockwood Ave.

   $15 in advance by Sept 11
        CALL 314-727-8554
   $20 at the door

  Special presentation on

Lead poisoning is ravaging Missouri, the state which provides over 95% of US lead. Efforts continue to reduce the problem statewide.

St. Louis has child lead poisoning rates in some neighborhoods as high as 55%. Lead reduces IQ, harms math and reading skills, and increases aggression.

The Pesto Feast presents a rare opportunity to hear about both urban and rural issues of lead poisoning.

Bob Lunsford, with "People at Risk," will talk about lead in rural communities and statewide legislative efforts.

Lee Blount, Jr. M.D., with "Health and Environmental Justice" will address efforts to clean up lead contamination in St. Louis and the health needs of poisoned children.

Sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance

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