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MAPS & Driving Directions


Black & Green Wednesday Forum

Black History and the
Reparations Movement

WHEN:   7:00 pm, Wednesday, Feb 2, 2005

WHERE: Highlander Lounge, Student Center         [maps & driving directions]
              St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
              5600 Oakland, St. Louis MO 63110

Today, most Whites and Blacks in America lack education concerning the over 400 year African slave trade holocaust. This prevents the majority of fair minded people from rallying to the cause of a just and fair slavery restitution. Restitution could include development of essential services in African-American communities and/or asset transfer to slave descendants.

The forum will look at US Congressional Bill H.R. 40, which is designed to study the effects of African enslavement. It will begin with a video of "Reparations for Slavery," an interview with Dr. Robert Brock of the Self-Determination Committee, and another brief video on compensation for Japanese-Americans who were interned during WWII.

An audience discussion will follow forum presentations by:

  • Pam Woods, African History Instructor, Forest Park Community College
  • Bob Williams, Independent Photojournalist
  • Eugene Frison, Self-Determination Committee, Green Party of St. Louis
  • Safiyah Chauvin, Universal African Peoples Organization [moderator]

Sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance , Universal African People's Organization For more information call 314-385-6906 or visit the Greens' web site:

Those groups that have been injured have the right to obtain from the government or corporation responsible for the injuries that which they need to repair and heal themselves. In addition to being a demand for justice, it is a principle of international human rights law. As a remedy, it is similar to the remedy for damages in national law that holds a person responsible for injuries suffered by another when the infliction of the injury violates domestic law.

Examples of groups that have obtained reparations include

  • Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust
  • Japanese Americans interned in concentration camps in the US during WWII
  • Alaska Natives for land, labor, and resources taken
  • victims of the massacre in Rosewood, Florida and their descendants
  • Native Americans as a remedy for violations of treaty rights
  • political dissenters in Argentina and their descendants

Reparations can be in as many forms as necessary to equitably (fairly) address the many forms of injury sustained from chattel slavery, and its continuing vestiges. The material forms of reparations include cash payments, land, economic development, and repatriation resources particularly to those who are descendants of enslaved Africans.

Other forms of reparations for Black people of African descent include funds for scholarships and community development; creation of multi-media depictions of the history of Black people of African descent and textbooks for educational institutions that tell the story from the African descendants' perspective; development of historical monuments and museums; the return of artifacts and art to appropriate people or institutions; exoneration of political prisoners; and, the elimination of laws and practices that maintain dual systems in the major areas of life including the punishment system, health, education and the financial/economic system.

     From the website of N'COBRA (National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America)  •


               St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
               5600 Oakland, St. Louis MO 63110
 Highlander Lounge, Student Center (left of center)

Driving Directions to St. Louis Community College at Forest Park

  • From Highway 64/40,
  • take Kingshighway Exit 36A south .1 mile to Oakland Ave,
  • west on Oakland Ave to Highlander Drive
  • left (south) into parking lot on south side of the Student Center.

St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, 5600 Oakland, St. Louis MO 63110
located south of Forest Park off Highway 64/40


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