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Missouri Green Party Forum

Building a Black & Green Alliance

WHEN: 1:00 pm, Sunday, January 9, 2005

WHERE: Randall Building, 3026 Cherokee, St. Louis MO 63118

The Missouri Green Party presents a forum on "Building a Black and Green Alliance." No where is this more important than in St. Louis, where the Democratic Party administration squanders millions on a sports stadium while closing public hospitals, trashing the bus system and having a non-stop attack to destroy public schools. In a city where the Democratic Party establishment is determined to attract yuppie whites while driving African-American citizens out by eliminating public services, a genuine political alternative is essential.

All three speakers at the January 9 forum have extensive experience in multi-ethnic social justice and electoral efforts:

Willie Marshall, Green Party of St. Louis 21st Ward Committeeman, and 2004 Green Party candidate for City of St. Louis Public Administrator
Jason Murphy, Chairperson, Green Party of St. Louis Central Committee, and 2001 Green Party candidate for City of St. Louis License Collector

Zaki Baruti, Co-chair, Green Party of St. Louis, Universal African People's Organization, and 2000 Green Party candidate for Governor of Missouri

In 2000, the Missouri Green Party led the country in being the only state party to have its ticket headed by African-American candidates for both Governor and US Senator. In 2004, the Green Party of St. Louis fielded an African-American for City-wide office. People of color often bear the brunt of environmental toxins. The Green Party of St. Louis has played a key role in multi-ethnic struggles against incinerators, lead poisoning, pesticide spraying and genetic contamination of food. All of these poisons are products of Democratic Party administrations.

While many issues unite progressives across ethnic lines, other issues tend to attract separate audiences, such as African-American (police violence, Haitian liberation) or white (forestry, vegetarianism).

If the Green Party is to succeed, it must bridge this gap while maintaining its commitment to fighting against toxins, against the destruction of public services, and for a leadership role of African-Americans in electoral campaigns.

Sponsored by the Missouri Green Party. For more information call 314-385-6906 or visit the Greens' web site:

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