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16th Annual Pesto Feast
One of the best vegetarian dinners in St. Louis!

A smorgasbord of gourmet pesto, including vegan!
Tomato sauce will abound for non-pesto eaters.
$15 advance purchase by Sept. 10; call 314-727-8554. $20 at the door.

WHEN:    6:00 - 8:00 pm, Saturday, September 16, 2006
  Grace United Methodist Church

                6100 Waterman (at Skinker)        (click for map)
                St. Louis MO 63112

Special presentation at 7 pm
of the 30 minute award-winning documentary

Pioneer in the Struggle Against Lead Poisoning

Civil rights activist Ivory Perry grabbed S.t Louis headlines in the 1960s for his daring acts of civil disobediance, such as lying down in the street to stop traffic for the cause. He was shocked to discover that lead poisoning was ruining childrens' health. By starting a movement to eradicate this silent killer, he was one of the first to call for environmental justice.

What challenges remain in finishing the work of Ivory Perry? Join us to discuss environmental activism, then and now!

Percy Green,Community Activist - Chair of ACTION Reunion 2006

Maida Coleman, Missouri State Senator - District 5

Sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance. For more information about the event, call 314-727-8554 or visit

Additional information:
Pesto Feasts of the Gateway Green Alliance have become well known for the wide variety served, including: Great Green Walnut Pesto, Sharp Lemon Pesto, Cinnamon Pesto, Vegan Pine Nut Pesto, No Nut Pesto and Tomato Pesto. This year's event will start at 6:00 pm, Saturday, September 16, 2006 at Grace United Methodist Church, 6199 Waterman (at Skinker).

At 7:00 pm there will be a special screening of the 30 minute movie, "Ivory Perry: Pioneer in the Struggle Against Lead Poisoning." The movie recently won a 2006 Telly Award as well as Best Documentary in the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. It was produced Kriss Avery and Jim Rothwell of Rainbow Sound.

Ivory Perry was a civil rights activists who alerted St. Louis to the dangers of lead poisoning. The segregation and racism that Ivory experienced as a teenager in Arkansas meant that he was not surprised to serve in a segre-gated unit when he joined the army in 1948.

Ivory came to St. Louis in 1954 and was drawn into civil rights protests within a few years. When the extensive picketing for jobs at Jefferson Bank began in 1963, he was often in the press when arrested for actions such as lying in front of cars.

Protests of the 1960s objected to the exclusion of Blacks from American life - from jobs, from voting, from be-ing served at lunch counters. But when Ivory became an employee of the Human Development Corporation in the late 1960s, he faced a different aspect of racial injustice - Black people being crowded into substandard housing.

While visiting renters in their homes, Ivory noticed recurring health problems among children. He discovered that it could be traced to lead in the paint of old homes. His work was instrumental in persuading the St. Louis Board of Aldermen to pass the city's first legislation on lead in 1970.

Ivory Perry had broken new ground in making the link between social justice and human health issues. By the end of the decade, problems such as these would become known as "environmental racism."

After the movie, a discussion of environmental activism then and now will be led by Percy Green (Chair of ACTION Reunion 2006) and Maida Coleman (Missouri State Senator, District 5). Tickets to the Pesto Feast are $20 at the door or $15 advance purchase (call 314-727-8554). Tomato sauce will abound for non-pesto eaters.

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