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Black & Green Wednesday Forum
Building Green Communities

WHEN:    7:00 pm, Wednesday, December 5, 2007
WHERE:  Legacy Books and Cafe
               5249 Delmar (near Union)

               St. Louis, MO 63108

The forum will include:

* digger, Independent Media Center

* Tim Montgomery, T M A Architects LLC

* Lenard Johnson, County Building Products

* Don Fitz, Green Party of St. Louis [moderator]

Creating a Green community means providing jobs for people of color who build it and providing homes that are affordable to working and low income residents. We need to redefine environmental construction as redesigning entire communities so people can get to where they need to go without individuals owning cars.

Adding eco-gadgets to sprawling oversized houses is not Green.

Should individual, above ground homes be a thing of the past? Is it time for new homes to be multi-family, co-housing or earth sheltered?

How low can an energy efficient home go? Half as much energy as the typical home of today? A tenth as much energy? Could we actually build affordable homes that generate all the heating, cooling and electricity they need in their neighborhood? How would we do it?

Sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance and Universal African Peoples Organization. For more information call 314-727-8554 or visit the Greens' web site:

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