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Forging a Red Green Alliance
May Day Dinner

WHEN:   6:00 pm, Thursday, May 1 , 2008

 Black Bear Bakery, 2639 Cherokee (Historic Vandora Theater Bldg)

PRICE: $10

Comments from oppressed workers, including:

* Cris Mann, American Federation of Teachers, Local 420

* Tim Kaminski, United Auto Workers, Local 110

* Mary Jo Maroney, Gateway Green Alliance

Celebrate International Workers Day by having all the pesto and tomato sauce you can eat! The pesto and tomato sauce is, of course, the red & green alliance. There will be spaghetti, linguini, bread, salad and spring punch. All for only $10.

While enjoying dinner and friendship, we will discuss the unity of environmental and labor issues. Cris Mann will review the latest attacks on public education. Tim Kaminski will cover the plight of blue collar work-ers. Mary Jo Maroney will look at workers who are not unionized.

If you can bring a salad or vegetable dish to donate to the dinner, call 314-727-8554.

Sponsored by Gateway Green Alliance and Universal African Peoples Organization. For more information visit:

Last updated 20 April 2008. Contact: