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May Day Celebration Dinner
Autoworkers and the 30 Hour Work Week

WHEN:   6:00 pm, Sunday, May 3, 2009

 Black Bear Bakery, 2639 Cherokee (Historic Vandora Theatre Bldg),
                   St. Louis MO 63108

PRICE: $10

• Don Fitz, Green Party of St. Louis

• Dennis Gallie, United Auto Workers, Local 249

• Alex Buford, United Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 688

• Tim Kaminski, United Auto Workers, Local 110

As the world plunges into financial chaos and the US tries to pretend that it is not in a depression, the auto industry goes to Washington demanding billions in bailouts. Politicians insist that autoworkers must give up everything the union has gained since the 1930s.

Could major problems of unemployment in a downsized economy be solved with a 30 hour workweek?

Why should some people be forced to work exhaustive hours so that their neighbors can be jobless, their children can suffer toxic poisoning, their grandchildren can be fried by global warming, and “the market” can wallow in a cesspool of useless junk?

Celebrate International Workers Day by looking at how labor can join with environmentalists and social justice activists to redesign the economy.

If you can bring a salad or vegetable dish to donate to the dinner, call 314-727-8554.


Sponsored by Gateway Green Alliance. For more information call 314-727-8554 or visit:

Last updated 25 April 2009. Contact: