About the Gateway Green Alliance


The Gateway Green Alliance has an office in the Randall Building, 3026 Cherokee Street.

The Randall Building is owned by the Community Arts and Media Project (CAMP). CAMP is composed as a collective of groups, including the St. Louis Independent Media Center, the Confluence magazine and the Greens. These groups seek to transform the building into a space containing a meeting/arts space, a library & infoshop, a bicycle workshop and apartments. Parts of the renovation are finished.


The Gateway Green Alliance holds four Wednesday night meetings a month. Larger meetings will be held at various locations as publicized.

The schedule of meetings is as follows:

  • 1st Wednesday, 7:00 pm: Black & Green Wed Forum (Genesis Coffee House)
  • 2nd Wednesday, 7:00 pm: Business Committee Meeting (Randall Building)
  • 3rd Wednesday, 7:00 pm: Political Committee Meeting (Genesis Coffee House)
  • 4th Wednesday, 7:00 pm: Outreach Committee Meeting (Randall Building)


The Gateway Greens have two newsletters:

  • The Compost Dispatch, a monthly print publication edited by Don Fitz.

  • MOGreenAction, a weekly e-mail newsletter edited by Jeremy Stattman.

    For more information and deadlines for items, contact the editors through their email links.


The officers of the Gateway Green Alliance are:

Zaki Baruti, Co-Coordinator
Mary Jo Maroney, Co-Coordinator
Barbara Chicherio, Secretary
Jason Murphy, Treasurer
Willie Marshall, Outreach Coordinator

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