Resolution on the Context of the Ukraine Conflict

Passed by the June 15, 2022 Green Party of St. Louis meeting

1. We are horrified at the suffering that the Ukrainian people have endured from ongoing conflicts. We are also horrified at the way that the US media gives the impression that blame is totally due to Russia (and not at all due to Ukrainian fascists).

2. Far from being “unprovoked,” the fighting was prompted by the continuing expansion of NATO, and the 2014 US-supported coup.

3. Media bias is likewise reflected by close to zero reporting of over 10,000 deaths of Ukrainians between 2014 and 2021.

4Media reporting has been racist by the decades-long failure to give proportionately similar coverage to mass deaths of Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

5. Ukraine's borders have shifted for over a thousand years, meaning that its territory has included many whose culture must be respected.

6. The Ukrainian government has trampled on trade union rights, has criminalized multiple opposition parties and controls news outlets.

7The claim that Volodymyr Zelensky cannot work with Nazis because he is Jewish is not credible.

8. Democratic Party loyalists have a long history of covert action in Ukraine. If Russia is condemned for its actions (as it should be), then the Democratic administration should be condemned for continually provoking the conflict.

9. The Democratic administration’s demand that industry increase fossil fuel output shows its contempt for concerns with climate change. When they vote to massively increase war expenditures, they abandon a progressive domestic agenda.

10. The US’ continuing efforts to discourage a negotiated settlement could easily result in nuclear war.