Proposal for Peace in Ukraine and the World

Passed by the June 15, 2022 Green Party of St. Louis meeting

1. Alert people throughout the world to the dangers of racists and fascists in governments, police departments and militias. [See LINKDuring 500+ years of theft of natural resources, European and US colonialism has killed 120 million indigenous people in this hemisphere and over 150 million in Africa. [See LINK] This onslaught against people of color continues and today is even worse than the bloodshed in Ukraine. Bringing peace to the Ukraine requires proposals that are part of plans to challenge global fascism.

2. Cease fire and resume peace talks in accordance with the February 2015 Minsk agreement which guaranteed cultural autonomy to the Donbass, amnesty to combatants, elections in disputed areas, and monitoring by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). [See LINK] Dispatch humanitarian (not military) aide to all people affected by the fighting.

3. There must be safe and unhindered passage for all refugees leaving from and returning to a country. This includes those who change residence due to a change in national borders and governments (who must receive reparations for the loss of their homes). This applies to refugees throughout the world, including Ukraine.

4. While fighting in Ukraine is important for human suffering, it cannot be understood without acknowledging crimes of the last 500+ years. All countries should recognize the brutality of colonial imperialism and all perpetrating countries should apologize for their role.

5. All mines and blockades must be removed from Ukraine (including those documented by the International Maritime Organization) in order to allow food and medical supplies to pass from its internal waters to Odessa and other ports. [See LINK] All countries must close all foreign military bases and remove all weapons from foreign lands. [See LINK]

6. All countries involved in the Ukraine conflict, both overtly and covertly (such as the US), should sign the Treaty of Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and immediately begin their destruction of nuclear weapons. [See LINK] Abolish NATO and end all military aide to Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

7. Cancel all foreign debts of Ukraine and all countries which have been victims of colonialism during the last 500 years.

8. Release all prisoners and return bodies of slain soldiers. All parties must make a Pledge for Peace and join genuine negotiations to guarantee human rights (including the right to speak one’s own language) in Ukraine and the rest of the world. [See LINK]

9. War crime investigations should begin with those of1492 while emphasizing living criminals. The International Criminal Court would be inappropriate due to its role in the cover-up of the massacre at the Odessa House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014 by Ukrainian fascists. [See LINKInvestigations should be coordinated by those who are victims via designated countries from Asia (perhaps Viet Nam and China), Africa (perhaps Mozambique and Tanzania) and Latin America (perhaps Cuba and Mexico).

10. Financial reparations must be paid by colonial powers for attacks and enslavement. Amounts should be determined by victims of colonialism and not its perpetrators. A council of victimized people should investigate amounts owed but not paid in chronological order beginning in 1492.