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B&G Wed Webinar: Degrowth: Healthier Food Grown Locally

on Fri, 01/26/2024 - 2:50pm
02/07/2024 - 7:30pm

5:30 pm PT, 6:30 MT, 7:30 pm CT, 8:30 ET, Wed, Feb 7, 2024

The US uses enormous amounts of energy and labor while
causing ecological destruction in order to manufacture food
that is awful. The worst example is “factory farms” (Confined
Animal Feeding Operations) that are spreading like a disease.
Alternatives are growing. Agriculture does not need to be
complicated. A connection to nature can help heal
relationships within and between localities. Eating locally and
seasonally means travel time for food goes down as do
preservatives and additives. Coordinated farmers’ markets
can help fight food insecurity with lower costs and bring fresh,
local food to those with limited mobility. Join us with your
thoughts and experiences with local agriculture.

Hear from…

  • Barbara Chicherio, Green Party of St. Louis

  • Del Bachand, Generations Healing Center

  • Sandy AllonenRegistered Dietician

  • Ashley Carter, Regional Environmental Council

  • Miguel & Carla Alexander, Communities One Project (Moderators)

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