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Support Us!

The Gateway Greens has been involved in environmental and social justice work for 21 years.  The Greens have opposed (and stopped) incinerators, helped protect national forests, hosted conferences on dioxin, genetic engineering and climate change, opposed the unsafe transportation of nuclear waste, and successfully gathered thousands of signatures to force an audit of the St. Louis.

The Gateway Green Alliance (GGA) ...

  • sponsors monthly Black & Green Wednesday forums with the Universal African Peoples Organization;
  • holds organizing meetings the 3rd Wednesday of the month;
  • hosts annual vegetarian dinners celebrating the Pesto Feast, Kwanzaa and May Day;
  • produces Green Time TV shows on Channel 24 at noon on Saturdays and 9pm Mondays on Channel 24-2; and,
  • has run state-wide and St. Louis area candidates for public office since 2000.

The GGA needs your help to maintain our multifaceted organization.  Please give generously so the Greens can publicize what corporate media will not.

You may send donations as checks made out to the 'Gateway Green Alliance' to this address:

Gateway Green Alliance
P.O. Box 8094
St. Louis, MO 63156

If you believe a donation is not enough, please consider becoming a member of the Gateway Greens yourself and contact Don Fitz via e-mail at