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Black & Green Wed, July 4 - Independence from the Financial Tyranny of the 1%

on Thu, 06/21/2012 - 5:00pm
07/04/2012 - 7:00pm

Celebrate a Green July 4!  Come at 7:00 pm (or before), Wednesday, July 4, 2012 to Legacy Books and Café, 5249 Delmar (near Union) 63108.  Join the Greens for a panel discussion on “Independence from the Financial Tyranny of the 1%.” Speakers will include:

·                      Fred Raines, Occupy St. Louis

·                      Amari Sneferu, Universal African People’s Organization

·                      Mimi Signor, Missourians for Single Payer

·                      Brian Kaller, Irish Greens

·                      Don Fitz, Green Party of Missouri [moderator]

The weirdest thing about Independence Day is the increasing lack of financial independence of Americans.  As the standard of living of the 99% deteriorates, the 1% control more and more of our lives.

This              is nothing              new.  Slavery was a              part of everyday life              during the American Revolution.               Frederick Douglass knew well how Africans in America              were excluded from sharing              the wealth that they created.

Today,              no              contradiction is greater than the gluttony of the few              while millions go without              medical care.  With              such enormous wealth              in the US,              why should health care not be a basic right for all?

But              we must ask how we              can improve the quality of our lives without leaving our              descendents a poisoned              environment emptied of biodiversity with runaway climate              change and no natural              resources.  Where              are there examples of              people living decent lives without ravaging the planet?  Such a path would              provide genuine economic              independence from the 1%.

Fred              Raines is retired              from teaching economics at Washington University.  He is running for the              Green Party of St.              Louis Central Committee and is active with the Gateway              Green Alliance and              Occupy St. Louis.  Fred              frequently speaks              at St. Louis              events describing the unequal distribution of wealth.

Amari              Sneferu is              active with the Universal African People’s Organization.  He has studied the              writing of Frederick              Douglass and will share with us the meaning of July 4 to              slaves.

Mimi              Signor, RN, MSN,              is Vice President for Missourians for Single Payer.  A staff nurse at              Barnes Jewish Hospital, she              advocates and agitates for universal health care through a              not-for-profit              single payer program.

St. Louis native Brian              Kaller worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, and has              written for the Dallas Morning News, Big                Questions Online, Front Porch Republic              and Permaculture,              as well as a weekly column              for an Irish newspaper. He frequently writes about the              eventual end of fossil              fuels, along with related problems like climate change and              environmental              problems, and about the “long emergency” of crises they              will create.

Several              years ago              Kaller and his family moved to rural Ireland              to be near his wife’s              family, and since then he has collected dozens of              interviews with elderly              people there. Until recently Ireland              was the poorest Western nation.  Even in              the 1970s some people lacked electricity, indoor plumbing              or automobiles, and              the average Irish made a tenth as much money as modern              Americans.

Yet,              surprisingly, the              Irish then were healthier, safer and happier than              Americans today, at least in              survey responses. Crime was one-twentieth the USA’s              current average, and people              were highly educated and lived in close-knit communities.              By studying how              people could thrive in such austere conditions, Kaller              hopes to learn what              Americans today have forgotten: how to live              self-sufficiently and independently              of the mainstream corporate elite.

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Sponsored              by Gateway              Green Alliance              and Universal African Peoples Organization.               For more information call 314-727-8554