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Green Time TV, April 2015: The Substance of Criminality

on Wed, 03/18/2015 - 2:49pm

Did it ever cross your mind that some relatively harmless things (including some substances) can land you time in jail, while other substances that are poison to plant, animal and human life are perfectly legal? The first three April 2015 episodes of Green Time TV explore the criminalization of marijuana and the last show zooms in on the deadly Agent Orange.

The first April episode of Green Time asks how police treat black and white drivers differently.  Are black drivers more likely to have their cars searched for drugs?  LeShea Agnew, an NPR Affiliate Reporter, describes her experience of being stopped by Belleville IL police with her attorney, J. Justin Meehan, and John Payne of Show-Me Cannabis.  They explore how her victimization is repeated with black and brown drivers throughout the US.  Ms. Agnew discusses how she and her car were searched without permission, discriminatory treatment in the Belleville jail, and lost job opportunities which resulted from her arrest.

The second April Green Time asks how racial bias in drug law enforcement has affected distrust of the police in communities such as Ferguson.  Host Don Fitz and guests Kenny Murdock, of the Murdock Report and John Payne, of Show-Me Cannabis, discuss the role of the drug war in militarization of the police.  What was the role of racism in the sudden criminalization of cannabis in the 1930s?  Why does the government continue to arrest so many for marijuana when more people than ever support its decriminalization? 

What sort of resources does the state of Missouri expend to enforce the prohibition of cannabis?  During the third April show, John Payne, of Show-Me Cannabis, and Don Fitz discuss effects of an arrest and conviction for a cannabis offense for the individual and society.  They look at how decriminalization laws (such those in Columbia and St. Louis) have helped address these problems.  If decriminalization for some users helps, should we advocate full legalization? 

Is it too extreme to talk about use of Agent Orange as chemical warfare?  The final April Green Time show features Michael McPhearson, of Veterans For Peace, looking at Agent Orange, including its long term effects on US soldiers, Vietnamese civilians and plant and animal life in Viet Nam.  He explores how military personnel have been affected by depleted uranium and other chemicals in recent wars. 

April shows include the trailer from “Reefer Madness” and the movies “NORML Women's Alliance: 3 Year Anniversary,” “Together We Will Win,” “End Prohibition Freestyle: Will Brennan,” “Should Marijuana Be Legalized?” and “Agent Orange. American Chemical and Biological Warfare.”

Green Time appears at noon on Saturdays in St. Louis on Channel 24-1 and at 8 pm on Mondays in St. Louis on Channel 24-2, Springfield on Channel 39, Joplin on Channel 36 and Marshfield on Channel 17.  Green Time programs air on these dates:

·April 4 & 6: “Green Handcuffs” 

·April 11 & 13: “Racism in Drug Law Enforcement”

·April 18 & 20: “The Criminal Injustice of Cannabis Prohibition” and

·April 25 & 27: “Veterans of Chemical Warfare.”

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