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Green Time TV: The Earth!

on Mon, 12/09/2013 - 7:10pm

Without dirt, there would be a lot fewer plants, people and other animals on Planet Earth.Though it is the lifeblood of our existence, dirt is under attack from chemicals, extraction industries, the privatization of nature and a financialized economy.Green Time shows during January, 2014 look at dirt and how to protect it.

The first show focuses on what soil is and its interconnectedness with humanity.Teresa Morris, of Farming Blueprint, LLC, and cell biologist Sarah Heyman explore a healthy balance of physical, chemical, and biological components of soil.They ask: What does it mean to say that the structure of soil is crushed? How does water move through soil? What kind of food do microorganisms need?

What would happen if all the dirt were to blow away?That may not be too far off from what is happening.During the second show, Sarah Heyman and Teresa Morris address how adding chemicals for crop yields deplete physical and biological potentials.Why does resource extraction deplete the mineral portion of soil? How do concrete and asphalt interfere with soil?

The third show connects by skype with Anne Petermann, of Global Justice Ecology Project.She reviews what Rio +20 was, who participated, and why so many regarded it as a failure.Privatization of nature under the “green” economy is causing massive land grabs around the world.People who have most successfully protected the forests and other ecosystems are now punished by having their lands stolen by companies and put into the ecosystem services market.

The fourth show features Fred Raines, of the Washington University Economics Department, and Henry Robertson, of Great Rivers Environmental Law Center.They look at how financial markets have gained enormous control over natural resources.There are big environmental problems with schemes like emissions trading and cap-and-trade.They explain that “reversing the trend toward a globalized financial economy” means both supporting local efforts and managing a commons sustainably.

January shows include portions of “DIRT! The Movie,” “Rio+20: From Sustainable Development to Green Economy,” and “Stop the Takeover of Nature by Financial Markets.”


Green Time appears at noon on Saturdays in St. Louis on Channel 24-1 and at 8 pm on Mondays in St. Louis on Channel 24-2, Springfield on Channel 39, Joplin on Channel 36 and Marshfield on Channel 17.January Green Time programs air on Saturdays and Mondays on these dates:

·January 4 & 6: “What Is Dirt?”

·January 11 & 13: “Threats to Dirt!”

·January 18 & 20: “Rio + 20: What Went Wrong?”

·January 25 & 27: “Stop the Takeover of Nature.”

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