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Green Time TV: How Do Food Choices Affect the Environment?

on Wed, 07/11/2012 - 4:00pm

To have the most positive effects on the environment, should people eat less meat?  Or, should they not eat meat at all?  Do they need to change their life styles to remove all animal products from food and everything else they consume?  Or, is there such a thing as sustainable meat?

Green Time TV takes these issues head on during four shows in August 2012.  The first features a discussion with Alexandria Graff and Laura Shields, of St. Louis Vegans, who see a contradiction between people’s saying that they do not want to needlessly hurt animals and the way they consume several times a day.  They explain that not eating meat or using any other animal products (veganism) can help end world hunger.  The show includes portions of “A Life Connected: Vegan.”

The second        August show has David          Feldmann and Greg Farough of the          Autonomy Alliance looking at the UN Environmental Program          reports on animal agriculture.           They ask if it is more effective for a small          number of people to go vegan or for a larger number of people          to reduce how          much meat they consume.

During the        third show James        Meinert of New Roots Urban Farm and Paul Krautmann of Bellews        Creek Farm        discuss whether agricultural chemicals can make food less        nutritious. Organic          gardening and farming is much more          than growing food locally without pesticides.           It means knowing the value of non-crop species and how          to use organic          material to build soil.  A          good organic          farmer understands how cultivated plants are in continuous          interaction with          their living and non-living surroundings.           This episode has portions of “Nicotine Bees”        which include        interviews with Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Charles Benbrook and        Walter        Heafeker. 

The final show presents the view that sustainable        animal raising        means chickens pecking at insects, hogs rooting for grubs and        cattle meandering        across fields.  Darvin        Bentlage of the MissouriRural Crisis Center        addresses the humane treatment of farm animals and how huge        farming operations        threaten the livelihoods of rural Missourians.         This episode includes footage from “Pig Business.”

Green Time now airs on KNLC stations in four Missouri          areas.  It appears at          noon on Saturdays in St. Louis          on Channel 24-1 and at 8 pm on Mondays in St.            Louis on Channel 24-2, Springfield          on Channel 39, Joplin on          Channel 36 and Marshfield          on Channel 17.

August Green Time programs air on these dates:

         Saturday, August 4 & Monday, August 6: “Veganism for the Planet, People & Animals;”

         Saturday, August 11 & Monday, August 13: “Animal Agriculture: Environment, Health and          Ethics;”

         Saturday, August 18 & Monday, August 20: “Organic Agriculture;”

         Saturday, August 25 & Monday, August 27: “Sustainable Hog & Cattle Raising.”

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