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Green Time TV, March 2015: Environmental Disputes

on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 10:59am

Environmental activists often find themselves on the opposite side of the fence from powerful economic interests.  March 2015 episodes of Green Time TV explore how this can happen as a result of chemical contamination in the karst topography of Missouri’s Ozarks, changing to sustainable energy, and over-reliance on antibiotics in livestock.

The first March episode of Green Time asks if you have ever heard of a “tank farm.”  Tom Kruzen, of Ozark Riverkeepers, and host Don Fitz discuss how the chemicals stored in tank farms can threaten aquatic and land animals as well as human health.  They look at a particular tank farm in Missouri’s Ozarks and how sinkholes and losing streams associated with karst topography create unique dangers.  They explore problems posed to the region’s water supply and ask if there is adequate secondary containment and if local and state agencies are sufficiently prepared. 

What would happen if there was a “perfect storm” which combined the dangers of highly toxic chemicals, extremely thick fluids, storage close to railroad tracks, misplaced electrical transformers and inadequately prepared first responders who did not have necessary equipment?  Tom Kruzen returns to the second March show to discuss this potential scenario with the tank farm operated by Coastal Energy Corp. in Missouri’s Ozarks.  He reviews some of the disease clusters associated with the stored chemicals and what could be done to solve the problem. 

The third March Green Time show features Cari Van Amburg, from Cleanline, and Dave Desmond of IBEW Local 2 discussing a proposal to reduce air pollution and confront climate change with John Hickey.  Is it really possible to deliver clean, affordable electricity from Kansas windfarms to Missouri?  They explore the claim by the American Wind Energy Association that there could be more than 1,000 jobs in Missouri depending on wind power. 

Nearly 80% of antibiotics sold in the United States are used on factory farms rather than for human medicine.  At the same time, two million Americans get an antibiotic resistant infection annually, and in 2013, 23,000 of those infected died.  The final March Green Time show features Alyssa Hartman, of Food and Water Watch, and Don Fitz discussing the FDA’s being aware of problems associated with antibiotic resistant bacteria but continually failing to act. 

March shows include “Karst in the Ozarks,” “Who Builds America’s Wind Farms,” “Save Wind Energy Jobs,” and “Down to Earth Farming.”

Green Time appears at noon on Saturdays in St. Louis on Channel 24-1 and at 8 pm on Mondays in St. Louis on Channel 24-2, Springfield on Channel 39, Joplin on Channel 36 and Marshfield on Channel 17.  Green Time programs air on these dates:

·March 7 & 9: “Threat to the Eleven Point River” 

·March 14 & 16: “Pollution in Missouri's Karst Land”

·March 21 & 23: “Clean Line Transmission Project” and

·March 28 & 30: “Antibiotic Overdose.”

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