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Green Time TV, Sept 2014: Setting It Straight

on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 12:00pm

Some widely held beliefs are just wrong.  Such that some people’s social environment means that they can’t make it.  Or the belief that if some substances are made to look pretty, then they can’t be poisonous to human health and the environment.  September episodes of Green Time explode some of these myths.

The first September Green Time show features Micheal V. Roberts, co-owner of the Roberts Companies, interviewed by host Maalik Shakoor, 18 year old Youth Leader of the Junior Black Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Roberts believes that the most important part of success is developing self-esteem so that a person can put aside fear of failure and be confident of accomplishing one’s goals.  Mr. Roberts would like to help the African-American community to become more innovative by developing new ideas and technology.

Did you know that rubber tires are full of toxins that are skin and eye irritants and that their chemicals can stunt the growth of plants and contaminate ground water?  For years, tires have been considered a hazardous waste.  But now, they are being ground up for rubber mulch to be put on children’s playgrounds and to be used in yards.  During the second September show, Donna Jones, Elected Member of St. Louis School Board, and University City resident Rachel Slaughter discuss dangers of rubber mulch with host Don Fitz.  They ask why government would encourage the use of rubber mulch.

The third September episode is the first Harambee 101 to appear on Green Time.  It focuses on “A Look Inside Our Schools” by asking how the Individualized Education Plan can help and hurt black students.  Host Ravon Lingard is a youth member of JBCC.  She interviews Mr. Sean Nichols; Principal, Pamoja Preparatory Academy of the St. Louis Public Schools as they discuss the school learning environment. 

During the fourth September Green Time, Bonnie Boime, of the St. Louis Animal Rights Team, describes the horrific conditions in Confined Animal Feeding Operations.  Government regulations do not ensure that farm animals are treated humanely.  Is it healthy for people to avoid animal products?  Is it more expensive to eat a vegan diet?  What does eating meat have to do with climate change? 

September shows include a movie on Micheal V. Roberts, “The Hazards of Rubber Mulch,” “IEP,” and “Glass Walls.”

Green Time appears at noon on Saturdays in St. Louis on Channel 24-1 and at 8 pm on Mondays in St. Louis on Channel 24-2, Springfield on Channel 39, Joplin on Channel 36 and Marshfield on Channel 17.  September Green Time programs air on these dates:

·September 6 & 8: “Harambee 101 (Action Has No Season)”

·September 13 & 15: “Will Rubber Mulch Make You Safe or Sorry?”

·September 20 & 22: “Harambee 101 (A Look Inside Our Schools)”

·September 27 & 29: “Save the World One Bite at a Time-Go Veg!”

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