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on Wed, 11/10/2021 - 8:52am
11/10/2021 - 8:00am

These photos show large swaths of the northwest section of Tower Grove Park (between the bird sanctuary and Alfred Ave.) that have been saturated with toxic herbicides. The photos were taken recently but the spraying occurred 5-6 weeks ago and the damage can still be seen. People who visited these areas after spraying were exposed to harmful chemicals! A glyphosate product (such as Roundup Ultra) is suspected. Roundup and other herbicides have been linked to cancer and other human ailments.

Part of the sprayed swath of parkland is just east of the "prairie restoration project"and must be walked to fully appreciate its size; it is about 250 feet long! 

When asked about places near the pictured area that were sprayed in past years with herbicides, Tower Grove Park's Operations Manager, Bill Rein, has told members of the St. Louis No Spray Coalition that the purpose is to keep out "invasives" from the patch of planted "natives." The park is trying to "restore native prairie" near that area (they did the same thing last year in late summer; that area can be viewed just east of the bird sanctuary). Mr. Rein has refused to identify the herbicide formulation used; what the purpose of spraying the areas shown is not known.

Herbicide use also affect wildlife in the park, as animals that had grown accustomed to feeding on the "natives" throughout the growing season returned after spray was used to a toxic wasteland.

We encourage people to contact Tower Grove Park management to demand they reveal what chemical formulations they are using, insist they put up warning signs before and after spraying and call for a transition to a No Spray policy.

There are safe alternatives to the use of chemical pesticides. Wellesley, Massachusetts, for example, has gone organic in its public parks for over 15 years! ( 130+ other North American cities have adopted restrictions on pesticide use and practice No Spray policies. It's time for St. Louis (and Tower Grove Park) to do the same. Join our campaign and work with us to get St. Louis to enact a No Spray policy.

St. Louis No Spray Coalition

Phone: 314-771-8576 or 314-727-8554