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LINK to video of Jan 11, 2023 webinar

on Wed, 01/18/2023 - 12:07pm
01/11/2023 - 7:30pm

“The Long Road of US Repression”

Here is the video of the January 11, 2023 webinar on
“The Long Road of US Repression:”
Did you have trouble getting into the Zoom?  If so, you were not alone.
Many people, including most of the speakers, received a message such as…
“Registration closed” and had to try 6 or 7 times to get in.
This makes no sense, both because we never closed registration and, if we
did, the Zoom would not close until until the end of the program.
Though over 100 registered for the program, it is likely that many more
tried to get in and could not; so, you have the link of the video which you
can view and/or send to others.
There are two possible reasons for the extreme interference with the event:
1. Individuals or agencies (such as the FBI) did not want a wide audience to
see it;
2. Zoom software has enormous glitches.
US secret police have always been eager to interfere with any progressive
group and are obsessed with preventing cohesion of a Black liberation
(Were the top-secret documents that Joe Biden left in his Corvette plans for
attacking the African People’s Socialist Party?  Or, maybe they were plans
to “protect” the US by aiding fascists in Israel, Brazil or Venezuela.)
However, software malfunctions are ever-present in what companies sell.
So, if you live within 200 miles of a nuclear power plant, you should fall on
your knees and pray that whoever wrote the Zoom software coded does not
also write the safety code for the nuke near you.
People who registered for the webinar included some from Canada and
those from AL, CA, CT, FL, IA, IL, IN, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, OH, NC,
ND, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OR, TX, WA, WI and WV.
If you would like a transcript of the lengthy but very good comments put into
the CHAT during the webinar, email
Don Fitz