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Removing Pesticides from Our Public Spaces

on Sun, 04/04/2021 - 6:34pm
04/08/2021 - 7:00pm

7:00 pm CT, Thursday,April 8, 2021

Public areas such as parks, playgrounds and schoolyards are routinely sprayed with various chemicals to control insects and plants. Evidence has mounted showing that these chemicals damage human health. Pesticides tend to be used disproportionately in African American communities. These chemicals also have unintended consequences for humans, animals and plants. The webinar will explore the health concerns associated with pesticides, alternatives to their use, and most importantly, what communities have done to reduce the use of unhealthy chemicals.

Hear from ...

  • Dr. Warren Porter (Emeritus Professor of Integrative Biology, University of Wisconsin) researched how agricultural chemicals influence immune systems, endocrine systems, and neurological health.

  • Bertha Lewis (Executive Director, The Black Institute, Brooklyn NY) will present evidence of the overuse of pesticides in communities of color.

  • Em Ward (Green Party of the Albuquerque Metro Area) participated in the effort to stop the use of glyphosate on county-administered properties in Bernalillo County.

  • Daniel Romano(St. Louis Green Party and No Spray St. Louis) was blocked while using Sunshine Requests to document herbicide usage in city parks.

  • Kent Rowe, engineer and air pollution investigator in Wichita, works with the Sierra Club and Green Party to find alternatives to herbicides for pest control.

Moderator Delilah Barrios (Texas Green Party) hosts "As All Get Out" on theThe Populist Voicechannel.

The webinar is NO COST, but you need to REGISTER to attend.

To register, click HERE or paste link into your browser:

Cosponsors of the zoom meeting include the African People’s Socialist Party, Attack the System, Beyond Pesticides, Black Institute, Broome Tioga Green Party, CleanEarth4Kids, Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver (Canada), Climate Council of Greater Kansas City, Earth Dance Farms, Food Sleuth Radio, Gateway Green Alliance, Great Rivers Environmental Law Center, Green Lifestyles Network, Green Party Albuquerque Metro Area, Green Party of Kansas City, Green Party Latinx Caucus, Green Party Peace Action Committee, Green Social Thought, Herbicide Free Campus, Illinois Green Party, Kansas Green Party, NAACP, Non Toxic Communities, Non-Toxic Neighborhood Parks CO, North Carolina Green Party, Portland Protectors, Reports on Our Digital Footprint, Springfield Sierra Club, Toxic Free NC, Toxic Free Philly, Universal African Peoples Organization, University Heights Neighborhood Association, US-Cuba Normalization Coalition, and Veterans For Peace. For more info, call 314-727-8554