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Vote and Elect Don Fitz, Green Party Candidate for Missouri State Auditor

on Sat, 10/20/2018 - 5:07pm

For more information: 314-727-8554

Make checks payable to: COMMITTEE TO ELECT DON FITZ and send to Green Party, PO Box 8094, St. Louis MO 63156

Politicians often tell people that they will be fiscally responsible and then advocate policies that do not actually solve any problems.

The State Auditor must look beyond simple finances and explore social and environmental problems which are the source of wasted money.

Zaki Baruti, Chair of the Universal African Peoples Organization, endorses Don Fitz because “He is the only candidate who will ensure that the Auditor’s office hires staff at all levels who are reflective of the ethnic composition of Missouri.”

These are the REAL issues for the state of Missouri. We need audits of …

  • purchases of Roundup & other poisonous chemicals sprayed on MO green spaces;

  • wasted tax dollars from privatized Medicaid going to insurance company profits;

  • potential costs of a catastrophic event at the Callaway nuclear plant;

  • costs of criminalizing marijuana;

  • costs of militarizing the police, mandatory sentences, and solitary confinement;

  • whether lottery money, which supposedly goes to schools, has been offset by reductions in funds from other sources; and,

  • health costs and litigation resulting from toxins in schools and juvenile detention centers.