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Webinar 7:30 pm CT, Wed, Sept 14, 2022: Missouri Floods, Preventable Devastation

on Tue, 08/30/2022 - 3:47pm
09/14/2022 - 7:30pm

Webinar at 7:30 pm CT, Wed, Sept 14, 2022

Were you or someone you know hit by the St. Louis area flood of July 26, 2022? Flood frequency and associated damages in Missouri are increasing. New developments aggravate flooding and place additional infrastructure in harms way. Dr. Robert Criss will discuss the causes of increasing risk, with special focus on the recurrent flash flooding of the River des Peres. He will cover historical changes to the River des Peres channel, regional developments, the flood record, and new methods for inundation mapping and flood warning. Dr. Criss will offer recommendations for homeowners as well as for city, state and federal governments. Audience participation is welcome.

Robert E. Criss, Washington University, Professor Emeritus of Earth and Planetary Sciences. A member of the University City Stormwater Commission, he is co-editor of At the Confluence: Rivers, Floods and Water Quality in the St. Louis Region. He has authored 30 scientific papers on Missouri floods and flood risk.

Moderator: Susan Armstrong, Civil Engineer on MO Safe Drinking Water Commission

Invited Comments from: Mary Ann Gaston (Flood victim at River des Peres), Henry Robertson (Sierra Club), Joe Adams (MO House 86th District, Democratic Party), Tim Cusick (University City Council Ward 2), Aleta Klein (University City Council, Ward 2). Bwayne Smotherson (University City Council Ward 3), Stacy Clay (University City Council Ward 3), Don Fitz (Outreach Coordinator, Green Party of St. Louis), Mitchell Pearson (Phi Global LLC, The Urban Farm School)

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