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World Food Day at Monsanto World Headquarters

on Fri, 10/21/2011 - 3:26pm

 World Food Day at Monsanto World Headquarters

Check out our Photos by Don Fitz and Barbara Chicherio

It ain’t easy organizing anti-Monsanto pickets in St. Louis, where it seems that every other person has a relative, neighbor or friend who works for the corporate demon and is worried about its retaliation.  Nevertheless, the Gateway Green Alliance and Safe Food Action St. Louis planned a demonstration as part of the October 16, 2011 World Food Day and Millions Against Monsanto nation-wide events put together by the Organic Consumers Association. 

Several dozen activists fighting the company’s efforts to force GMOs (genetically modified organisms) on everyone who eats food as well as its attempt to destroy small farmers in the US and across the globe met at the Monsanto World Headquarters on the afternoon of October 16.  Soon we were joined by a couple of carloads from Occupy St. Louis and had a lively group of 50.

A big problem with picketing Monsanto’s headquarters is that Olive Blvd traffic whizzes by at 40–50 miles per hour, meaning that drivers can’t read a sign with small or thin letters.  But several of us remembered the old Burma Shave signs on two lane highways.  These are photos of the picket.

Don Fitz and Barbara Chicherio are active in the Gateway Green Alliance/Green Party of St. Louis and Safe Food Action St. Louis.