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The Reparation Man: Dr. Attorney Robert Brock
Slavery Reparations & Black Citizenship in America
Saturday, December 10, 2-5 pm .[read more]

Green Visions of Education
If we could remake the education system, what would we do?..
Wednesday, November 2, 2005....[read more]

Mad Cowboy:
The Documentary film screening and lecture by Howard Lyman, the Texas cattle rancher turned vegan! Saturday, October 15, 2005  [read more...]

United We Eat
Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center
Saturday, Sept 24...[read more]

Crisis in the St. Louis Public Schools
Black & Green Wednesday - October 5, 7 pm
Devastated by cuts, closings and layoffs since 2003, teachers are leaving...
[read more]

15th Annual Great Green PESTO FEAST
One of the best vegetarian dinners in St. Louis!
Special presentation on the Food Crisis in Africa...[read more]

THE WAR FOR OIL: Who are the real terrorists?
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - 7 pm, Wed, August 3, 2005
Considering the appalling slaughter in Iraq, the toll on US military personnel, the assault on people of African descent, the damage that addiction to oil inflicts on the US environment and soul, we ask: What can we do to stop the madness? [read more]

Why are we not disease-free? Holistic Health Solutions
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - 7 pm, Wed, July 6, 2005
Is the corporate medical system causing as much ill health as it is curing? Do alternatives exist? [read more]

Human Genes in our FOOD?
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - 7 pm, Wed, June 1, 2005
Should Missourians allow the planting of rice containing human genes? You won't know if human genes are in your food because it won't be labeled. And your taxes are being used for this...[read more]

Reflections on Recent Elections: Where should the Green Party go from here?
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - 7 pm, Wed, May 4, 2005
Willie Marshall's campaign doubled the vote from 10 to 21% in the recent election for Mayor. What does it take to double it again, or raise it to 51% for victory? [read more]

Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - 7 pm, Wed, April 6, 2005
Will Venezuela be the next country invaded by the US? Come see and discuss the 76 minute documentary film... [read more]

Confronting Police Violence in St. Louis
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - 7 pm, Wed, March 2, 2005
Police misconduct is a serious concern for St. Louis citizens. Join the final push for passage of the Kennedy Bill for creating a Civilian Oversight Board to hold police accountable to the community. Learn the content, obstacles, and timetable... [read more]

Black History & the REPARATIONS Movement
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - 7 pm, Wed, Feb 2, 2005
Many groups, including Jews, Japanese, and native populations, have received reparations that they need to repair and heal themselves for injuries inflicted by governments and corporations. Congressional Bill H.R. 40 proposes African-Americans receive restitution for the 400 year misery of chattel slavery. [read more]



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