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Recent news and updates about the Gateway Green Alliance.

A Sewer Runs Through It: A History of the River des Peres

on Tue, 03/14/2023 - 9:01pm

a film showing and discussion …

03/22/2023 - 7:00pm

Defending Public Education

on Fri, 02/17/2023 - 4:19pm
03/01/2023 - 7:30pm

Webinar, Wed, Feb 1: US Violence – Where Does it Originate?

on Wed, 01/18/2023 - 12:12pm

It’s More Than Gun Violence

02/01/2023 - 7:30pm

LINK to video of Jan 11, 2023 webinar

on Wed, 01/18/2023 - 12:07pm

“The Long Road of US Repression”

Here is the video of the January 11, 2023 webinar on
“The Long Road of US Repression:”
Did you have trouble getting into the Zoom?  If so, you were not alone.
Many people, including most of the speakers, received a message such as…
“Registration closed” and had to try 6 or 7 times to get in.

01/11/2023 - 7:30pm

Webinar: The Long Road of US Repression, Wed, Jan 11

on Sat, 01/14/2023 - 9:35am

Emergency Solidarity Webinar

01/11/2023 - 7:30pm

Minimizing Future Flood Damage

on Sat, 11/19/2022 - 8:49pm

Time, Date

12/07/2022 - 7:30pm

Glossary for Pesticides Used by the City of St Louis

on Fri, 08/19/2022 - 8:22pm

Roundup (aka Roundup Plus, Roundup Pro, Roundup Ultra) A broad spectrum herbicide
manufactured by Bayer (formerly Monsanto). Listed as a probable carcinogen by the International
Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) (4) and the state of California (5).
Aqua Neat another glyphosate based herbicide manufactured by Nufarm. Used for destruction of
emerged aquatic weeds, and many herbaceous and woody plants.
Resolute made by Syngenta, is a selective pre-emergent used to control grass and broadleaf weeds.