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City Health Department Fails Dragonfly Project Test
From the January 2004 issue of the Compost Dispatch newsletter.

Events & Forums

BHOPAL: 20 years of Environmental Racism
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - 7 pm, Dec 1 , 2004
Join the 20th Anniversary of the worst industrial accident in human history and the movement to hold the perpetrator accountable. And it could happen here! [read more]

STOP Killer Coke in St. Louis
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - Nov 3, 2004
How can a soft drink kill? Before you take another swig...
consider the charges against Coca-Cola and its bottlers [
read more]

The Green Alternative in the 2004 Elections
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - Oct 6, 2004
Polluted air, epidemic lead poisoning, attempted destruction of public schools, closing of public hospitals, inadequate public transportation, institutional racism, and squandering of public money on sports stadiums...     What do Green Party candidates have to offer in confronting problems in the St. Louis area? [read more]

14th Annual Great Green Pesto Feast
Presentation on lead poisoning - Sept 18, 2004

The Listening Project
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - Sept 1, 2004

ISLAM: a Religious and Political Force
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - August 4, 2004

Mass Incarceration and Torture in the U.S. & Abroad
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - July 7, 2004

US Terrorism in Haiti & Iraq
Black & Green Wednesday - June 2, 2004

Stalking the Biotech Tyrant
Confronting Biorepression with Creative Alternatives
Find out more about the Biodevastation 8 Midwest Conference held Saturday, May 15, 2004.

The Ongoing Exploitation of Africa
Black & Green Wednesday - May 5, 2004

Revisiting Dr. King's Political and Economic Vision
Black & Green Wednesday Forum - April 7, 2004.

News Media Moguls At War With Their St. Louis Workers
Green Wednesday Forum - February 4, 2004

February 2004 Meetings
Monthly schedule of GGA Meetings.

Biotech and the Corporate Takeover of Food
Green Wednesday Forum - January 7, 2004

Local Greens on Working in America
On Thursday January 15, 2004, St. Louis Greens joined local labor activists at a protest against “Dick” Gephardt.

Missouri Green Party Urges Presidential Run in All 50 States
"Such participation is important for building Green Parties as meaningful alternatives to the corporate Democratic and Republican Parties."

News Media Moguls At War With Their St. Louis Workers
Gateway Greens annouce forum to held on Wednesday, February 4.

Biotech and the Corporate Takeover of Food
A public forum on January 7, 2004 featuring Percy Schmeiser (via live phone link), C.A. Hilgartner, Suzanne Renard and Daniel "digger" Romano.


January 2004 Meetings
Monthly meeting schedule for the Gateway Green Alliance.

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